Tuesday 5-29-18

Murph Makeup or Recovery


Full Murph, Half Murph, Quarter Murph, or Partner Murph are all acceptable. If you couldn’t make it yesterday, today’s your day!


For those who participated yesterday, come in and do some recovery work as posted below:


Post Murph Recovery Work

A)10 min coach led foam rolling


B)30 min at an easy steady pace

400m row

10m knee pulls

10m quad pulls

10 leg swings each leg (front to back and lateral)

10m inch worm (no push up)

200m run/jog/walk


C)10 min coach led stretching


No need for warm up on this one. Start with the 10 min foam roll, coach’s assist anyone who is not familiar on how to foam roll properly so they get the most out of it.

Chris Minten